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ACF National Conference


Join us June 10 -13, 2023 in Eugene, Oregon for the ACF National Conference. Make sure you save the date!

Benefits of ACF

from Edward F. Steigerwaldt, National ACF President 2006 – 2008

As a long term ACF member, I can easily list the incredible benefits of membership. Some of these include:

  1. Personal contacts with the most knowledgeable foresters in the world. At any meeting I can quickly get a read on forest markets throughout the country and find out about new technology.
  2. ACF members routinely share information and mentor young members.
  3. My best friends are ACF members.
  4. Annual meetings are held in various states where the meetings and surrounding areas are interesting. The meetings have excellent topics, and of course, you can meet foresters from around the country.
  5. ACF Errors and Omissions Insurance.
  6. Code of Ethics with enforcement.
  7. Opportunities to learn leadership by participating in conferences, committees, and serving with a chapter leader or ACF Board Member.

With ACF, I can say that I have gained knowledge and skills that cannot be learned in any other way.



Learn about the benefits of being a member.

ACF membership is one of the most important career moves a consulting forester can make.

The ACF’s candidacy process is selective and demands an ongoing investment of time, money and effort – but that selectivity is what makes full ACF membership such an important asset for a consulting forester.



Keep Wisconsin strong.

The Wisconsin Chapter of Consulting Foresters was formed in 1980 with Edward F. Steigerwaldt, Sr. as the first Wisconsin Chapter President. As an early member of the National ACF, Ed quickly saw the need for highly-skilled consultant foresters to work with private land owner.




View the latest events and meetings taking place across the state. We bring you the latest topics, current themes and subjects of conversation which aim to effect our public and private forest industry. Make sure you are always informed.

The ultimate goal of WI ACF’s programs and initiatives is to advance our members’ ability to practice socially and scientifically responsible forestry on both public and private forest lands.

Become an ACF member, and you'll have more than 600 new colleagues and advisers who will join you each time you enter the forests you manage.